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Triforce B2B Portal - eComm Site

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Triforce sells high volume desktop, laptop and related peripherals, to large corporate clients.

Currently the ordering part of the process is mostly manual.? This is not as convenient as it could be, particularly for ongoing orders of smaller quantities.

Triforce would like this process to be built in to a shopping cart experience for their clients.

The solution will extend a typical shopping cart experience, implementing additional functionality to allow for specific rules regarding user access roles, the order approval process, and custom order instructions.

It is expected the project be delivered firstly with base level requirements, to allow delivery as early as possible.? Secondly, the project will move in to an ongoing enhancements phase, with a particular budget each month to work through as many additional enhancements as possible.? This proposal is to deliver the base level requirements.

Key Requirements

The B2B portal should provide the following functionality 1. Typical shopping cart functionality > Product Categories > Product Listings > Product Pages > Cart > Checkout. 2. Print summary, save cart, log back in. 3. Three checkout types (i) Authorisation Process - future requirement. (ii) Upload purchase order to checkout. (iii) Credit Card - via westpac payment gateway 4. Internal Users > Admin, View all orders, Process Orders, View certain customers 5. Delivery Address control. Customer can only choose from pre configured delivery addresses. Reduces fraud. 6. Per customer product pricing (updated monthly) 7. Per customer product catalog 8. Per product/order custom information (eg. 3 desktops ordered, list employee each desktop is for) 9. Product bundles (eg. keyboard + mouse) 10. Product ancillaries (eg. install SOE - approx 20 different options) Future/Options 1. Per product shipping (1 order with individual products shipped to different locations) 2. Authorisation Process Checkout (with approval limits, workflow process and 2FA) 3. Customer Users > with different order authority access levels. 4. Per customer product stock levels > suggest managing with different product SKUs

1. Typical shopping cart functionality

Requirements: - Install and configure shopping cart environment > software, SSL and plugins - Configure emails and auto responders (eg. thank you for your purchase) - Create test and production environments - Integrate a daily and weekly backup schedule to protect the website - Design user experience and user interface (based on DataKnox design) - Develop responsive breakpoints for tablet and mobile experience - Configure as Members Only site that requires login - Integrate Google analytics (if applicable) - Training and video tutorials for common operations, at time of launch Options/Future Scope: - Branded portals for each customer

2. Print summary, save cart, log back in.

Requirements: - User can stop midway through a checkout process and 'save for later' any or all of the products currently in the shopping cart. Options/Future Scope: - An allowance may be required for saving Additional Config options (like install SOE) and saving Custom Product Notes (like '...this desktop is for this employee'). - Save for Later will be attached to the user that Saved it. Future enahancements could include Share function, so that another person can complete the order.

3. Three checkout types

Requirements: (i) Authorisation Process - future requirement. - Future requirement, not contemplated in this scope. (ii) Upload purchase order to checkout. - User can upload a PDF (or other format as instructed) copy of the purchase order - Enter the PO number for easy reference (appears on invoice etc) - Order should go to Hold or Pending status, for Triforce verification (before shipping) (iii) Credit Card - via westpac payment gateway - Processed as a typical shopping cart transaction - Order marked ready for ship, upon successful transaction Options/Future Scope: - Option (i) Authorisation Process - future requirement.

4. Internal Users

Requirements: - 4 main internal users - Admin > add users, configure anything - Customer Service > Create/delete customers, view all orders, create/delete products, update prices - Order Processing > view all orders, change order status, no product access - Account Managers > View only certain customers orders

5. Delivery Address control

Requirements: - When custom is created one or more delivery addresses are added for that customer. - When the customer is checking out, they can only choose from a dropdown of pre configured addresses - Only Admin and Customer service roles can add or remove addresses. - This is a control mechanism to reduce fraud.

6. Per customer product pricing

Requirements: - On any given item a particular customer will usually have their own custom pricing. - Internal Users with appropriate access levels can update the pricing as/when required Options/Future Scope: - Pricing calculated as a variation from a base price

7. Per customer product catalog

Requirements: - Customers should only see a product catalog that consists of the products that they are permitted to buy. - Products may be setup specifically for a particular customer (that customer will be the only one who ever has access to buy this product), OR - A product may appear in multiple customer catalogs - Users with appropriate access levels can update which products customers are permitted to purchase (add or remove) as required.

8. Per product/order custom information

Requirements: - For each product on a particular order, the customer may choose to add notes such as which employee the product is for. - eg. 3 desktops ordered, input employee name against each desktop.

9. Product bundles (eg. keyboard + mouse)

Requirements: - Create a way for internal Users to create product bundles, such that products can be sold individually and/or as part of a bundle. - Only users who have access to create Products can create product bundles.

10. Product ancillaries (eg. install SOE)

Requirements: - Create a separate catalog of additional configuration services (eg. install SOE) - Additional config services can be added on the product pages for the appropriate product, before adding to cart. - Additional config options may have different prices for different customers


Target Delivery Date is based on receiving the following; - Proposal Sign off - Data that is to be used for Go-live (Products, Product Bundles, Config options) - Sign off detail requirements doc

Estimated Timeline:

Received items + 90 days

Demonstration of mostly complete site (ideally before Christmas)
+60 days
Ready for operation (ideally in Jan)
+90 days


Project Essentials All items above are considered essential for the first release of this portal. The project will be broken in to the milestones below.

Detailed Requirements + Shopping Cart Design
Shopping Cart Install + Gateway Options
User Management Custom Enhancements
Product Config Custom Enhancements + Go Live

Total: $46500

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We're looking forward to working with you. If you have any question please feel free to reach out directly to Ben: 0419 264 848

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